Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What do I do

When asked as to what I do, I will often tell people that I am a small business owner, an entrepreneur. I am CEO, CFO, Marketing Director, Negotiator, and Artist. I believe that everyone needs a little of what I have to offer - Me! Egotistical? Perhaps. Self-involved? Sure. But, it would be no different if I invented the newest, biggest, better______________ and went into business for myself. Just happens my invention is me. (Though I suppose I'd have to give my parents proper credit for that one - but I'm sure if pressed, they would claim they have no clue where I came from :)

The business of acting/performing is so much more than what it appears on the obvious surface - auditioning and the actual work. It is a daily pursuit. My typical day starts with a cup of coffee at the computer. I begin with submissions for myself on my favorite casting sites (ActorsAccess and NYCastings), I'll move on to weekly articles written by casting directors, agents, actors, reading scripts, researching, updating online profiles and casting pages, learning new software, and much more. Even when I travel, I am working; on scripts, my new blog, writing shorts scenes & films, working out (yes that's a big part of it, my body is my instrument and it needs to be in tune.)

There are also little silly things which have to be done on a regular basis, that if you knew me from 0-20 are embarrassing and hard to admit. For example, my nails always have to be done. So every week I sit down a give myself a little mani/pedi. In this world you always have to be camera ready. So I do it. When you grow up on a farm, the state of your nails is a petty affair, it was difficult to switch that mind set. I like getting dirty, scraping my knees, climbing trees, clumsily falling down. Unfortunately though, bruises and cuts are not flattering in the audition room.

What I do allows for a pretty flexible schedule, and it's not all work. I have my fun too - kickball in Astoria Park, bbq's, visits to the beach, a rousing game of Catan...

I am constantly working towards the next step. And I love it. I love what I do. Its freaking scary sometimes. Like when you don't book a job for a month, or when your paycheck that should have been in your hot little hands long ago is three months late. But like I said in a past post, certain uncertainty is the name of the game. Deal with it or get out.

So this week, besides auditions, I am taking a marketing seminar and a class called DnA.

DnA, Directors 'n Actors,
"DnA is a diverse group of directors working in film, television and theater who meet weekly to explore the craft of directing actors."
Actor participation is by invitation only, so I feel extremely honored whenever asked. The actors are given a short scene to prepare about a week before. Then in class each director has about 15 minutes to direct and work the scene however they like in front of the group, followed by feedback from the actors about what worked for them and what didn't. Its quite amazing how many different ways a scene can be interpreted. I have been asked to come back next week. I am thrilled! It is an intense workout.

And speaking of working hard, this Sunday, June 7th I will be running my first Marathon qualifying race, a 10k through Central Park. Wish me luck, lets just hope I don't collapse! Thank you to the girl who inspired me! You know who you are.

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